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I said "make it a popular discount supermarket barbados opening hours 25 discount and I'll buy another set".
I would of compromised at 40 if I could get any other tire but there's because I can't trust my family's lives and mine to them anymore.
The Mail-in Rebate form will be available in your online order confirmation.
They couldn't find any anywhere.Well in the meantime they can let me try other tires till then.That was about November 15th, 2015.Then there was a tire with a slice in the sidewall of the tire leaving it with a flap of rubber.I contacted BF goodrich today that said the surprise store Mgr Ben * was to of called me with an offer.I'd go have win 10 service registration is missing or corrupt the tires rotated and Rebalanced.You are eligible for a Mail-in Rebate when you purchase a set of 4 of this tire between 10/1/2016 12/31/2016.She said no and gave me the name and address where to send that paperwork.I check into my paperwork that they send in a PDF file and see about the warranty and when they got these tires in they replaced them with 32x11.5x15 that have no mileage warranty but does have a 6 year defective material warranty.So I started checking online for BF Goodrich to call them and find over 150 people who all have the same problem with their tires and I call them and record the conversation.Eric informs me that there is no warranty on my tires.So she says they will give me 23 credit on a new set of tires.I show him my Discount Tire loyaltree rewards app paperwork from August 2015 that shows to date I've only driven it about 3000 miles.
I said "you're kidding" and point out a brand new spare tire on the back and said "what about this tire." Eric says he'd give me 20 for it but it'll just sit on the tire rack because no one will want.

If you purchase online, you can print your rebate form in advance and bring it with you to the installer.So much for that Road Hazard Warranty you pay an extra 100 for.I got one tire repaired by them putting 5 plugs and one hot patch on the inside the tire.The third tire had a piece of wood the size of my thumb that went through the sidewall of the tire and couldn't be repaired.They said they didn't have any in their warehouse and called around.They would have my tires and "we're sorry for the inconvenience." So I show up there at 8:30 am and they did have 5 tires.I paid for the whole package including Road Hazard Certificates on my Social Security Disability and now I'm being told they stopped making them so I'm just out of luck.Offer cannot be combined with other rebates.
I get in my truck and drive away.

First they said they needed a current inspection and have me go to the local Big O Tires to get it done.