Does gander mountain have law enforcement discount

does gander mountain have law enforcement discount

There were three cops, six fire fighter (may be more) and a half a dozen Grander Mountain associates attending the safe and the problems that the dumb ass family created.
Harl usaf Ret., a career Police Officer in the.S.
The representative from the safe company told the Franklin Wisconsin fire fighters there had been one other incident where someone had to be extracted from one of their safes.
So I guess safes are not really safe if dumb ass people are in close proximity.He was told by the associates who were on the phone to the safe company that the safe was not air tight and there would be no breathing problem.John Wayne is alleged to have said life is hard and it is harder if your are stupid.Remember when you were a little kid and the nice fire fighters came to your school and gave you a demonstration on how they use the Jaws of Life to rip open a wrecked car and extract a person and bring them thai lottery 100 win to safety?The problem was after chunky dumb ass brother messed with the key pad, the pad automatically went into a 20 minute time out were you could not use the system.5 off with military.Giving Assistant Exclusive, new Members Only 5 Off Orders Over 10, giving Assistant pays you 5 when you spend 10 or more at Police Store Law Enforcement.Of course grandpa was unhappy and wanted dumb ass older brother out of the safe now, not in twenty minutes.Does Gander Outdoors have a military discounts webpage or website?I spoke to one of the associates after it was all over and I asked if someone could climb into the safe and lock themselves.You could kind of see the exasperation on the face of the associate.I sadly remember as a child the stories of children putting other children inside old refrigerators and locking them in, only ge foundation matching gifts program guidelines to have the child inside suffocate.As I was getting ready to leave an older man ran up to the gun counter and told the associate to stop what he was doing.I guess grandpa also remembered these tragic stories because he insisted that oxygen be pumped into the safe so dumb ass older brother could breath.Get Free Shipping On 99 Orders.

Knocking 15 off of something that is way over priced is not really a deal.He is a graduate of the.S.Well they have battery powered Jaws of Life now and they tore up that safe getting dumb ass older brother out.Of course, call 911 and we all know all the emergency needs of the dumb ass family were going to be met.Not good enough for grandpa, so the oxygen got pumped.My impression was it too was also a dumb ass case.Gander Mountain Company operates the nation's largest retail network of stores specializing in hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and outdoor lifestyle products and services.
The dumb ass older brother started whining from inside the safe that he was uncomfortable and grandpa insisted that they break into the safe.
Dumb ass chunky brother was not going to tell his grandfather what he had done.