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When we began she was using the lowest reader available.
When I started volunteering at the literacy program, I thought to myself, This is something that I can do because I read really well.Today she was asked to read out loud at church.Jonah explained that he was born with it, and that he can read just as well as any of them, it just sometimes takes him a little longer.Cathy Struck Red Lodge, MT Ive seen my daughter make huge strides in reading ability, and her interest in reading has increased tremendously.So when the brochure for the Barton Reading Spelling System came across my desk, I ordered Level 1 and 2 to pilot the program with an 8 year old and the adult who had been coming for 10 years yet had only made one year.You sent me a list of Certified Barton Tutors, and I hired one.I am extremely proud of all of my students.June Campbell, Resource Specialist San Jose, CA I wanted to let you know how the Barton System has already impacted my Special.Perdita Smith, parent Carlsbad, CA Now Liz reads for pleasure at night, is reading at grade level, and is gaining in fluency and speed every day My daughter, Liz, is 9, homeschooled, and in 4th grade.

We are now using the Barton System as our primary remediation method for our special education students with reading and spelling needs.Lisa Sievers, Remedial Reading Teacher Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy Forest City, NC Last year, when we applied for California Distinguished School Recognition Award, we demonstrated to the evaluating team how we use your tutoring program as one of our signature practices.Whether Im tutoring a kindergartner or an eighth grader, the results are superb.Instead, I gave the speech and received a standing ovation.They are so excited and proud that no one can tell they have dyslexia.Sandy Gant Saratoga, CA The way edit start menu win 7 the material is presented in the tutor manuals is wonderful.This was in 2001.Thank you for all you are doing to help her.His teacher just retested him, and he is now reading on a 2nd grade independent level, and a 3rd grade instructional level.
The Barton Systems train-as-you-go style makes it extremely easy to use.

Molly Sandperl Black LD Coordinator, Project read Redwood City, CA I marvel each day at the common-sense way this whole system is put together, and how easy it is to use.