Who would win itachi or madara

He didn't pull any punches with the birthday gift for wife sri lanka other two MS techniques either, so why would he with tsukuyomi?
His almighty push and pull would do some damage.
Izanami wouldn't work because of how it functions:.Posted by, i'm just curious, I think pain is pretty badass.He also states it can be resisted to some extent without these requirements.FAQ or repost of top 100 all-time or last 3 months.Sorry madara fans but itachi is stronger than madara because if you read the comic or even watch the shows you would after itachi death madara said that if itachi know that he know this much information he would already kill him watch it you.Otherwise the anime is super far behind.Remember that sometime near the end of his life Itachi became ill.Just that he underrated Sasuke, couldn't use all his powers and abilities and Sasuke had A LOT of help., 11:53 AM #5, re: Sasuke, Itachi Madara VS Nagato, Tobi Danzo - Who would win?Could you put in someone a little more useful than Danzo?, 09:10 AM #3, re: Sasuke, Itachi Madara VS Nagato, Tobi Danzo - Who would win?Weird one., 09:23 AM #4, re: Sasuke, Itachi Madara VS Nagato, Tobi Danzo - Who would win?The totsuka blade has never been shown piercing something that durable.Anyways Danzo uses KA on madara and team 2 watches how madara rapes his team.Amaterasu can be absorbed or repelled; I don't think it can get him inside susanoo anyway.Itachi was plain out better than he was, its simple, he just wasnt as old and experienced to know the things that Madara hid from him.If they ever fought, Madara would have probably won especially due to the reasons that Itachi had some kind of illness, and naturally low stamina by default.

Because sasuke, itachi and madara is uchiha clan members.The statement would not be true because the reason wouldn't be Sasuke's skill, but Itachi weakening.He's got the rinnegan, the EMS, and perfect susanoo.Sasuke killed him even though I believe he wanted his brother to kill him.Or tobi takes on madara nagato on itachi and danzo takes on sasuke with., 11:19 AM #8.It also has a higher destructive capacity:.Nagatos team because of Gedo Mazo, 11:37 AM #9, re: Sasuke, Itachi Madara VS Nagato, Tobi Danzo - Who would win?Current EMS Sasuke, with the ability to recreate the conditions for Kirin.Yeah, it's really weird.
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