Win a bottle of pappy van winkle

win a bottle of pappy van winkle

Replaced by a condo development in the 90s.
Good music, great party scene, pickup place!
The liquor seemed to flow in abundance and was d everyone, I mean everyone in attendance got loaded (might have had something to do with it being shut down when the bar was still raving, too bad!) The Devil Nest Bronx, NY?
Therapy was a very special club.They had at one time a slide that went from the entrance down to the bar itself instead of having to walk down the stairs.This club was located on East Tremont in the Bronx NY, the setup in this club was awesome and the sound incredible, at that time I was hanging out with famous DJ K-rock (Kenny Reyes)who's currently running Callejeros Records in the Bronx, man, I had.I was a bouncer there along with Randy, Billy Rae (Head case Eric, Keith, and "The Stunt Crew".I have very fond sorting children into gifted and nongifted educational groups memories of this club.Club Nu Miami Beach.Happy Hour saved again.Excess in dancing, Boonsefarm and scamming!Highland Ave., now it's a parking lot.It was abandoned and rotting until it was bought in 2005 and became a gay disco.It's rebirth as an afterhours club was the doing of resident DJ Chuck Davis.Simply the best around that time frame.
Studio 54 of the mid-80s; a block down from scream.

Dillion's was the place where a lot of the celebritie's kids partied.Open Thursday to veral floors to dance on, each one dedicated to a decade.Unisex restrooms, Secrets had male dancers for the gay at heart.Hosted am radio station 1580 kday's 'Uncle Jams Army' certain Friday nights.Trinity Hamburg, Germany Ca 1978 to 1988.Their logo reflected this by being a meld of the female/male symbols intertwined with a symbol that included both.Even us sinners from up north is SLC used to make the trek south to dance here - a place seemingly catering to the BYU crowd.
Awesome times great alternative tunes and loose Welland women!

This was after their EP was released, but before the first albumn came out.