Yokohama yk740 gtx discount tire

This warranty gives the fish themed gifts customer legal rights that may vary from state to state.
Limited Mileage Warranty For Steel-Belted Passenger Car Radials And Light Truck Tires In addition to the Standard Limited Warranty coverage, some Yokohama steel-belted radial tires purchased in the continental United States as replacement tires only are olive garden gift card places warranted for treadwear during a limit of five years.
Eligible tires must be on the vehicle on which they were originally installed, in conformance with the vehicle manufacturers recommendations.Tires that become unserviceable or wear out because of neglect or mistreatment are excluded from Yokohama warranty coverage.The tires in question (Yokohama Avid Ascends) were purchased at Discount Tire and had a 75,000-mile warranty, and still well within the 5-year date too.The tread just peeled OFF tearing the right rear side of the car up also.I have a compressor, electric tire pump, and many different gauges.

Rev / Mile 175/65R15 84H 74001, sL 740/A/A.4.0.0 -.0.9.1.If you are buying a new car that has yokohama tires, demand that they change them before you will deal.Overall Width (inches overall Diameter (inches static Radius (Inches)[email protected] BW 225/50R18 95H 74033 SL 740/A/A.0.0 -. kinds of professionals really [email protected] BW This Limited Warranty / Adjustment Policy provides for tire replacement under specified conditions.
Adjustment policy Passenger and Light Truck Tires (Other than Temporary Spare Tires) When the original usable tread is worn 2/32 inch (1.6 mm) or less, and a warrantable condition is found, the tire will be replaced with a comparable new Yokohama tire free of charge.